Jon Stewart Calls Hamas 'Freedom Fighters'

Tuesday night, Jon Stewart of Comedy Central's The Daily Show hosted former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to discuss her new book Hard Choices. When the conversation shifted toward Israel, the political comedian took no shame in siding with the terrorist organization Hamas, even going as far to call them Palestine's "Freedom Fighters."

Stewart immediately began the exchange by refusing fall into the "snake pit," as he called it, of framing the current conflict in Gaza between good and evil, but rather a "humanitarian crisis" that the world must do more to help Palestinians "trapped" in the crossfire. What exactly that "more" actually is, aside from stripping away Israel's right to defend itself, Stewart didn't explain. Hillary Clinton did agree that the current Gaza conflict is a "humanitarian crisis", but most of its blame lies with Hamas for a multitude of reasons, including their rejection of the Egyptian cease-fire agreement and constant pelting of Israel with rocket fire. However, Hillary did not label Hamas' actions as "terrorist" in nature, opting to instead label them as "violent resistance."

With regard to why the Palestinians in Gaza overwhelmingly support and favor the destructive actions of Hamas, Stewart stated the following:

Don't you think they would look at that as they've given a lot of different things a chance, these are the only guys to them that have given any resistance to what their condition is? If you're living in that situation, couldn't you see yourself thinking 'these are our freedom fighters' even if they might be viewed differently.

Hillary disagreed with Stewart's assertions, citing that when Israel withdrew from Gaza, Hamas immediately put their efforts towards Israel's destruction. Again, Hillary did not label Hamas' actions as "terrorist."




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