Italian Reporter Confirms Deaths In Al-Shati Result Of Hamas Misfire, Not Israeli Missile

Reporter could not confirm until away from potential Hamas retaliation.

On Monday, reports rocketed around the globe of a humanitarian disaster at the Al-Shati refugee camp in Gaza. Eyewitness reports were shared on social media and in news articles and reports of the horrific civilian casualties. Many a finger was pointed at Israel. NBC reported it as a "strike" carried out by an "Israeli drone," stating that it struck in an area full of children.

Israel claimed in response that the incident was the result of a Hamas rocket misfire, rather than an Israeli strike, a claim met with skepticism by many. This morning, an Italian reporter who was in Gaza until today has bolstered Israel's claim, apparently confirming on Twitter that the explosion was indeed the result of a Hamas rocket.

The reporter makes a point that he had to wait until he was safely away from potential Hamas retaliation for reporting this. Other reporters in Gaza, perhaps even NBC reporters, may surely be under similar pressure to watch what they say.



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