IDF Colonel Reveals Details Of Israeli Soldier's Kidnapping In Phone Call With TruthRevolt

Hamas Negotiators Canceled Egyptian Talks Trip Before Kidnapping of Israeli Solder

Ninety-minutes after the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas began, twenty-three year old Second Lieutenant of the IDF Hadar Goldin (and a dual Israeli/British Citizen) was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.  During a phone call with TruthRevolt, IDF Colonel Lior Lotan said that the Hamas negotiators' cancellation of their trip to Egypt for the scheduled talks preceded the abduction. 

Col. Lotan's account of the abduction is different than what is being reported in the mainstream media.  It started with a group of civilians approaching the IDF troops in Gaza. Since the cease-fire was already in effect the soldiers were simply patrolling. As the civilians neared the IDF soldiers they began shooting, killing two and injuring others. As that was happening, a second group grabbed Second Lieutenant​ Goldin. Lotan declined to answer whether or not the Hamas shooters or kidnappers came out of tunnels. 

When asked how he knew it was Hamas behind the incident since nobody has taken credit, Lotan pointed to the fact that Hamas negotiators canceled their trip to Egypt before the kidnapping as some of the proof. (There may be other evidence, but the IDF is usually tight-lipped about those matters.) Lotan's account of the trip cancellation differed from the media account, which stated that it was Egypt, angry at the kidnapping, which told the Hamas negotiators not to come.

The colonel explained that immediately after the kidnapping, the IDF secured the area and began trying to cut off the kidnappers before they got away. If Goldin is not found, the search for the kidnapped 23-year-old will transfer to Israeli intelligence.  Lotan stressed that this is not at all like the Gilad Shalit kidnapping because it happened during a military campaign.

Gershon Baskin, who has been Israel's top negotiator on Hamas matters and was a key figure in the talks over kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, agreed.  He tweeted:


As an immediate consequence of the kidnapping, the Gaza war may continue for a long time. The Qataris were reportedly central to crafting the cease-fire, and may have promised to "deliver" Hamas in one sense or another. Their credibility will take a hit. The Egyptians were the official brokers of the cease-fire and whether they were the ones who told the Hamas negotiators to stay home or not, Egypt is seething at Hamas, and some type of diplomatic retribution is almost inevitable. 

As for the analysts who went all-in promising Hamas was an actor who could be dealt with, they'll be called on to reevaluate.



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