Former PLO Spokesperson Shredded By Jake Tapper And Facts

Epic takedown.

In a contentious interview Thursday, CNN's Jake Tapper took apart a former spokesperson for the Palestine Liberation Organization as she desperately clung to talking points. Using simply facts and history, Tapper took each piece of propaganda in turn and exposed them thoroughly and humiliatingly as blatant lies. Diana Buttu, who was also a legal advisor to the PLO, simply could not keep up.

Tapper asked point blank "why is Hamas launching rockets into Israeli population centers?" Buttu answered with a series of meaningless accusations that amounted to "they started it" before Jake cut in and asked again.

"Okay. I’m glad you got out your talking points there. Let’s get back to my question. Why is Hamas launching missiles into population centers of Israel? And are any other Palestinians trying to stop them from doing so?"

Buttu said in reply that it doesn't matter because Israel doesn't want to cease hostilities. For the second, but not last, time in the interview her answer was the equivalent of "they started it!"

Perhaps the most awkward exchange was when Buttu essentially asked the audience if they believed her or their own lying eyes when she accused Tapper of being a racist and a liar for accurately quoting a Hamas spokesman who told people, on video, to stay in their homes and die to make Israel look bad.

One thing is clear, the one person working on behalf of Hamas who will not be having a street named after her in Palestine any time soon is Diana Buttu, former spokesperson and likely a permanent former television guest.



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