CJP Slams 'Deliberately Inflammatory' Anti-Israel Ad Campaign

Barry Shrage, president of Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies, slammed the “extremely misleading…deliberately inflammatory” advertisements that were placed in the Boston subway system last week that demonized the Jewish state.

The campaign was sponsored by the radical group Ads Against Apartheid which lies and accuses Israel of being an apartheid state similar to South Africa among other charges.

One of the ads accused Israel of building "Jewish-only" homes inside of "Palestine" which another asked if Israel "wants peace...or land."


Shrage told TruthRevolt via email ​, “We’ve seen ads like this in the past attacking Israel” and “do nothing to promote the cause of peace”

“They distort and over simplify complex issues and they ignore the plight of Israelis who are all too often in harm’s way. CAMERA has been working to fact-check these ads, and those results have already been shared with the MBTA in an attempt to show the harm of allowing inaccuracies in transit advertising. We are working with our partners in the Jewish community to determine our next steps,” said Shrage.


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