Anti-Semitic NYC Cupcake Crew Tweets May Be Fraudulent

In social media hate-speech travels fast, and an anti-Semitic tweet supposedly sent out on the Twitter account of a cupcake business called "Cupcake Crew" went viral less than a day after it was posted. However a TruthRevolt investigation reveals that "Cupcake Crew" likely no longer exists and its old phone number has been assigned to someone else.

"Cupcake Crew" was one of the many food vending trucks traveling through New York City on any given day. The product line consists of gourmet cupcakes.

The tweet in question was posted early in the morning on July 24th, but if you travel backward there is a constant presence of offensive tweets, anti-Semitic, anti Israel, as well as off-color comments about the German and Brazilian World Cup teams.



Another offensive tweet was retweeted by the account ten days earlier. 


The earliest anti-Semitic tweet seemed to have been made on January 7, 2014.

Everything before that date has a totally different tone, with many pictures of food, comments about faith, and sharing family milestones, indicating that after the first of the year a different person was using the account.

The homepage of the company's foursquare account indicates the business is closed:


"Cupcake Crew's" yelp reviews corroborate their foursquare information. The screenshot below reflects a good review about the produced cupcakes on May 13, 2013. There were no other reviews until the July 24, 2014 anti-Semitic tweet. Each review prior to the May 2013 one below speaks to their food products. Afterward there was a break of 14 months, then every listing beginning with the July 24th review below is a complaint about the offensive tweet.

The "Cupcake Crew" website as well some of the review sites list a number for the business. The person who answered the line said it was no longer the number of the "Cupcake Crew" business.  We researched the number and got the name of the person who owns the account and could not find a connection between that person and the "Cupcake Crew" business.

After examining its Twitter history and social media pages, along with calling and researching the phone number, it appears that "Cupcake Crew" went out of business sometime between mid-November 2013 and the first of January 2014. It is also likely that the person(s) sending out offensive tweets using the "Cupcake Crew" account is not the same person(s) who operated the account before January 2014, as the tone and verbiage used is totally different. 

Finally the person using the old "Cupcake Crew" phone number does not seem to have a link to the original business. We strongly urge people not to call that number to complain about the offensive tweets as it is very likely the person on the other end has nothing to do with the Twitter account.



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