Bois: What the Hell Is Wrong With Steven Spielberg?

"Aiding your enemies leads to certain death."

Fresh off stroking President Obama's ego with his quasi-comedic White House Correspondents' Dinner video in which the President awkwardly portrayed Daniel Day-Lewis, pretending to be Barack Obama, Hollywood fat-cat Steven Spielberg will play an even bigger joke on Americans come May 7, only this time it's unintentional

On that date, the director of such iconic films as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jaws, and Jurassic Park will honor President Obama with the Ambassador for Humanity Award at the USC Shoah Foundation's holocaust survivor gala.

The gesture is a thinly veiled attempt to manipulate impressionable Americans into believing the adage Obama is actually a "good guy, but a bad President" just in time for the mid-terms. The whole affair is reminiscent of Aesop's The Viper and the Farmer the famous fable where a wandering Farmer naively nurses a freezing Viper back to health and receives a fatal bite in return. The moral: aiding your enemies leads to certain death.

By now, Spielberg has a long history of cozying up to snakes, but the biggest difference between he and the farmer is that when this snake finally bites back, the people left to bear the burden will be ones his USC Shoah Foundation claims to care about the most: persecuted Jews.

Spielberg has been traversing this road for quite some time, but regardless of how far he strayed from the path by siding with the Palestinians in Munich, there always followed him a hope the left's disdain for Israel would wake him up. It defies imagination that the man who portrayed evil with such fierce judgment in Schindler's List could be so naive as to label a president who may have allowed the most anti-Semitic regime since Nazi Germany obtain a nuclear weapon, an "Ambassador for Humanity."

Aside from the obvious - that he either hates Israel or is at least entirely apathetic toward it - perhaps Spielberg's actions confirm comedian Evan Sayet's hypothesis: modern liberals' unwillingness to objectively reason has lobotomized them to the rationale of a six-year-old child. Perhaps it confirms that men like Steven Spielberg think a country with widespread holocaust denial and state-sponsored terrorism operates on the same moral plain as the only free Jewish state since Roman times, because to think differently would be Islamophobic. Either way, it all raises a question: who's worse, the Viper or the Farmer? At least the Viper had the honesty to admit in the end, "hey, I'm just a snake."



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